A Word of Warning

My first set of blog posts is about Irish mythology.

Irish mythology is non-stop, no hold barred, complete madness. These stories have plot twists that would make M Night Shyamalan dizzy. Sometimes they just stop. You think you’re a hero eloping with your sweet virgin goddess girlfriend? WRONG! Some other asshole in a boat just played a magic flute and she fell asleep and they’re sailing off leaving you to explain a beach full of fifty drowned virgins.

These stories evolved over time, in front of camp and dinner fires, and the best storytellers got to tell their versions more often. People grew up with their own preferences, they might have liked the way their dad told a story over their uncle, or they liked the sly jokes their grandmother snuck in. Either way, these stories don’t have the convention structure that we expect now.

So hold onto your butts.

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