About Me

I’m 32, and have two children .I have been writing almost my entire life but honestly, I’m only just getting good at it now. It took a long time to figure out what I wanted to write, and how I wanted it to sound.

I have a background in creative writing and history, and one of my most enduring loves is folklore. These are stories that are told between family and friends, and while mythology and religion try to make sense of the world, where it came from and where it is going, folklore is about the home. It is is about safety, and trust- between family members, neighbours, strangers, children and adults. What is safe to be eaten, and what creatures you must not offend if you want peace and quiet, who it is safe to accept food and favours from, and what dangers you are liable to if you misjudge are told in terms of the folk and make for excellent entertainment but most of all at the core of the stories is common sense, quick thinking and sound judgement.

This blog represents both of my interests, my loves. My posts here come from the research I undertake while I am writing; strange, interesting or funny things I find along the way. I hope you enjoy following along with me.

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